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In 1959, AAA Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning was revived by recent Norwegian immigrant Alf (Al) Rustoen.

Anders (Andy) Gytri moved from Norway on the 4th of March, 1973, to work along side his Uncle Al for 27 years before becoming the second generation owner of AAA Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

Andy, and his lovely wife Anne Lis (who coincidentally moved to Canada from Denmark on the 4th of March but in 1957), retired in September 2011 and chose to transfer the business to his right-hand-man, Blair MacIsaac, with whom he trusts to continue the business with the same work ethic and integrity.

The Team

Blair comes from a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and has a background in marine construction and tug boat operation where he fine tuned his skills in problem solving and general mechanics. After leaving his job in the Port of Vancouver, Blair was mentored by Andy, the best in the drain cleaning business, for 5 years before becoming the newest and proud owner of AAA Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning, with his wife Katherine (Kat).

With over 10 years of administrative and customer service experience, Kat spent the last 4 of those years working for the Business Families Centre (BFC) and the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE, managed by the BFC) at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business as an Administrative Coordinator and Executive Assistant. During her time with the BFC and CAFE, Kat has had access to business family research and participated in course offerings such as Business Family Dynamics.

The Change From AAA Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning to Andy and Al’s Drains

AAA Drains Truck In 1959 it was not requirement to register your business name Provincially.

Today, all Sole Proprietorship or Partnerships using an operating name other than their namesake is required to register the business name.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, AAA Electric Sewer & Drain Cleaning was not available to us in the Province of British Columbia.

In honoring the men who worked so hard to build AAA, while maintaining the name you have grown to trust, Blair and Kat chose to become, and register, Andy and Al’s Drains, using the shorthand acronym AAA.   Today we operate as AAA Drains because we strive to provide the same honest quality work with exceptional customer service as the men who started it all